Preparing to study?

If you know what you want to study and where, the next step will either be to apply or to complete bridging or preparatory courses. These will be listed in the entry requirements for your chosen degree. Sometimes these courses will be recommended but not required. Consider carefully whether you will need to do them or not as once you begin your course, lectures will assume certain knowledge. Completing recommended bridging will ensure you are ready for your course and can save you stress later on- this is especially true in science and maths subjects.

QTAC processes applications for the majority of undergraduate courses at Queensland unis. You need to apply well in advance for your course – usually around six months – and be aware of any closing dates that may apply. Remember also to check Study Assist for Government information on how to fund your study including study assistance and scholarships.

Get UniChecklist!

If you’ve applied to study and have been offered a place, download the checklist to help you figure out what to do, and when you need to do it, right up to the beginning of your first semester. This practical list includes everything from enrolling, preparing a budget and sorting out your textbooks to setting up your student email, getting to know your campus and attending orientation events.

You can choose between paper and electronic versions of the checklist.

  • UniChecklist: iPhone app
    Download the checklist on iTunes: sort your tasks by completed and overdue, earn rewards and receive helpful reminders to keep you organised.
  • UniChecklist: Printable
    Why not print and complete your checklist on paper instead? You can use it anytime and anywhere, so keep it handy and get prepared.